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Table / Close-up Magic

Mica and Judy at
Six Flags Over Texas

Regulars at the Arlington Improv
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Stage Performances

Trade Shows

Magic that involves the audience. Sometimes it involves the entire audience. At other times the audience feels involved because some members are on the stage too.

Mica and Judy enjoy using everyday objects for their magic. That is not to say that they don't use some props, to tell a story, that are obviously "magical creations" but nothing they do will seem foreign to you. All routines focus on comedy, entertainment value and amazement.

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Types of Shows

Sure, Mica can cause a coin to disappear while held in a person's hand, but he can also cause an audience of thousands to wonder if they can trust their own eyes.

There are three main types of shows that we can help you choose from, for your event.

Children's Magical Entertainment

Stage Shows

Western Variety Entertainment

Close Up Magic

Children's Magical Entertainment

In Mica's children magic shows watching the kids is part of the fun. Many of the routines have built-in moments where the audience "thinks" that they have figured it out. The children are subtly encouraged to tell Mica where he has messed up. This adds to the fun of the children trying desperately to show him how they have seen through his apparently feeble attempts to trick them. Once Mica does understand what they are trying to tell him, he reveals that there is even more to the trick than anyone could have imagined. Both the children and the adults are always amazed and entertained.

In most of Mica's shows for children, Mica's puppet friend, "Henry," performs a card trick that has adults and children rolling with laughter. By the time the trick is finished there are cards all over the floor. And yet Henry manages to save the day and still spectacularly produce the card previously chosen by a member of the audience.

"When Henry is looking around for the card at the end it cracked me up".
- Marsha

Mica presents a variety of routines or tricks you have never seen along with some classics you might recognize.

This is often performed in a home or apartment club house for a birthday celebration.

The price for most children 30 minute magic shows range from $150 to $250, depending upon what you choose and location.

Close Up Magic

This is the term magicians like to use to describe the kind of magic that happens up close and right in front of your eyes. This is the opposite of "Stage Magic." This style of magical entertainment is for small groups and usually take one of three forms. It usually uses playing cards, coins or paper money, but can use other items as well.

Table to Table Magic- While people eat or visit at a party or reception, Mica can walk around and perform magical delights.

Stationary Magic- A table is set up on one location and people come and go as they please. This is a favorite at many events or casino parties. Often someone will see a trick and then come back with another person and say, "Do that trick you just did, with the coin, for my friend!" This also allows those people who enjoy this kind of entertainment to participate while others, who want to have uninterrupted discussions to do so. This is also sometimes a great choice for a trade show booth.

Walk Around Close Up- This is similar to "Table to Table" except there are no tables. Walk Around Close Up is a great way to provide magical entertainment for a large party.

Stage Shows

A stage show is usually more formal in presentation. This can be at a festival, school, public auditorium, theme park, or elsewhere.

The show might be a standup show with rather small devices, but with a large amount of audience participation, or something with larger props or assistants.

Mentalism shows where the magician makes predictions etc, can also be a stage show.

Because of the wide spectrum of production or people involved, stage show prices will range from a simple Blue and Gold banquet to something that costs thousands of dollars and causes the corporate CEO to appear or disappear.

Sure, Mica can cause a coin to disappear while held in a person's hand, but he can also cause an audience of thousands to wonder if they can trust their own eyes.